> > > Robert Markiewicz (Ørganek) – “Get It Right” Live for BeatIt

On November 3, 2018, Polish indie rockers Ørganek came to the city of Poznań, Poland, to do a live show which theoretically was supposed to promote their latest offering titled “Czarna Madonna” (The Black Madonna). However, the album is such a hit in the band’s native Poland that it needs no promoting anymore. Along with the leader, Tomasz Organek, The Poznań International Fairgrounds also hosted the group’s drummer, Meinl endorsee and Risen Drums user, Robert Markiewicz. Obviously, en.beatit.tv just could not miss out on the opportunity to talk to the man behind the drums with one of the most popular rock outfits in Poland. You have seem Robert’s drum kit (HERE) so now it is time for a second coming, which is the drum cams we have done together.

Robert Markiewicz (Ørganek) drum cam en.beatit.tv

Today, we present Robert and his band Ørganek in a live rendition of the song “Get It Right“, taken from their highly popular (certified gold) and critically acclaimed album titled “Czarna Madonna” (The Black Madonna). It worth pointing out what kind of a drum kit Robert uses on the video. It is a mighty-sounding vintage style set of drums from the Risen Drums company. This is what he told us about it:

I’ve been collaborating with Risen Drums for 8 years now. First, I ordered a maple kit with them. I used it in my previous band called SOFA. It was a great kit! I used it for a number of years. The next one was a Maple/Acrylic used by Lester Estelle. It sounded huge. After that, I had a Mahogany kit, which I was playing in the early days of our band. I had a hard time getting used to it at first because it seemed kinda slow and hard to play. Some time later, I switched to maple drums, which appear to be a bit “quicker” and brighter-sounding. That’s probably because they fit Organek’s sound.

Risen Drums is a small company based in Minneapolis, USA. I came across their instruments through my very good friend Hubert Gasiul (another notable Polish drummer), who showed me a Lester video. I liked the way the kit sounded so much that I actually bought one and…bull’s eye! The sound was great so thank you, Hubert, for sending me the link! This is how my adventure with the brand started. It’s a small operation. I’ve recently spoken to them and I know they make 20 to 30 kits a month. The American market is so big that that there is enough room for such custom drum manufacturers.