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As regular en.beatit.tv viewers already know, we have recently received a sizable parcel from drumstore.pl – an importer and distributor of many brands in the field of drums and percussion. Inside a few decent-sized boxes, we found all kinds of drums and accessories, which we were more than happy to check out. We have put a number of cymbals, gongs and snare drums under our microscope. We have already taken a closer look at two drum kits (Natal Cafe Racer TJ and Natal Cafe Racer UF22) and the beautiful Natal Pure Stave snare drum. It’s time to check out some of the smaller accessories.

We test Balbex mallets

  1. The packaging and look

The distributor has sent us three mallet models: Balbex M1, Balbex M2 and Balbex M3. All the mallets came in packed in see-through foil, so the logo and model symbols are clearly visible. All three models present a classic look and design, nothing fancy there. Anybody who has seen a drummer playing with a symphonic orchestra at least once knows what to expect.

mallets from Czech Republic Balbex M3

Balbex M3

2. The product

All the mallets are nicely balanced and covered with antiskid varnish to prevent slipping (the manufacturer calls this the Double Grip technology), which makes playing comfortable. The tips are all made from white felt but differ depending on the model, i. e. the M1 has a cylinder-shaped tip with a 33 mm diameter, the M2 offers a cylinder-shaped tip with a 38 mm diameter, while the tip on the M3 is ball-shaped with a 38 mm diameter. The lengths are 36 cm (M1), 36.5 cm (M2) i 37 cm (M3)

Balbex M1 mallet tips

Balbex M1

3. The test

The mallets were tested in studio conditions. For the test, we used a Natal Pure Stave Maple snare drum (equipped with Evans Level 360 drum heads – coated as the batter one and clear as the resonating one), a Natal Cafe Racer UF22 12″x9″ tom and 16″x16″ floor tom (with single-ply Attack heads), as well as a 20″ Zildjian K Ride cymbal.

During the test, we played slow, mid and fast tempo drum rolls, as well as a few rhythmic patterns, on the snare and both toms using all three pairs of mallets. The sonic effect was rather easy to predict. Due to different shapes, each tip produces a slightly different orchestral sound and it is only a matter of personal preference which one to choose. Viking really liked the M1, which is a bit lighter than the other two, while Blindman and Jan decided the M2 and M3 were equally good for them. The cymbal rustled like a primeval forest under all the three pairs of mallets and their tips.

mallets from Czech Republic Balbex M2

Balbex M2

4. Summary.

The Balbex M1, M2 and M3 mallets are great for any orchestral drummer, but also those who play jazz, folk, ethnic music or unplugged rock and pop should not be disappointed neither on tour nor in studio. We recommend them without hesitation.

5. Product info

  • Brand: Balbex
  • Type: mallet
  • Series: M1, M2 and M3
  • Wood: hornbeam
  • Length: 36 cm (M1), 36.5 cm (M2), 37 cm (M3)
  • Tips: round-shaped, felt
  • Double Grip antiskid varnish.


  • Very good quality
  • Classic look
  • Comfortable to play


  • Can’t see any.

Producer: http://www.balbex.cz/en/

Distributor in Poland: http://drumstore.pl/

Our rating: 4.5/5