> > > BeatIt Test: Natal Pure Stave (Maple) Snare Drum

As we have already mentioned, we have recently received a sizable parcel from drumstore.pl – an importer and distributor of many brands in the field of drums and percussion. Inside a few decent-sized boxes, we found all kinds of drums and accessories, which we were more than happy to check out. We have put a number of cymbals, gongs and snare drums under our microscope. This time it was a beautiful snare drum, Natal Pure Stave.

We test the Natal Pure Stave snare drum

  1. The packaging and look

The snare drum came to us in a cardboard box, well protected. The drum key was included. The shell is made of maple staves in the natural finish. The outside of the drum is waxed, which protects the material. When you mix it with chrome 2,3 mm triple flanged hoops and very light, chrome lugs from the Sun series (taken from the flagship model of Natal kits- the Originals) you get a beautiful looking shell!

Natal pure stave

2. The product

This snare comes from the bigger family of snare drums called Pure Stave. All of them are made of 3/4″ thick staves. Only the wood differs. It can be maple, walnut or ash. They are available in sizes 14×5,5″ or 14×6,5″. All in the natural finish. Our drum is the shallow version, and it’s made of maple. All the staves are polished and waxed on the outside. Inside the drum there are pure and untouched  staves, and you can see the structure of wood. Tuning screws are called True-Tune, and these are working fine, without any difficulties. The same situation goes with the Natal Tri-Throw snare machine. You can set your snares in three positions, which is simply great! Everything works fine and edges are made with such perfection, so the heads are sitting like they should.

3. The test

Natal Pure Stave Maple snare drum was tested in studio conditions. The manufacturer equipped this drum with Evans Level 360 drumheads- coated as the batter one and clear as the resonating one. We must admit, that selling drums with pro-level drum heads is a very good move from Natal. It means, that they simply care about their customers. Natal Pure Stave maple snare drum is a very sensitive instrument. It gives you a nice “shot” if you play hard, and just perfect ghost notes, even these ultra quiet. You can muffle it, tune it just how you want it- it will never disappoint you. Even when it’s not muffled, it has no bothering extra sounds. You can tune it really low, and even though it’s not deep, you get really cool sound, which can make you kit even more interesting.

Our tuning range:

  • low tuning – note D (snares off)
  • low tuning – note D (snares on)
  • low tuning – note D (snares on, muffled)
  • medium tuning – note F# (snares off)
  • medium tuning – note F# (snares on)
  • medium tuning – note F# (snares on, muffled)
  • high tuning – note A (snares off)
  • high tuning – note A (snares on
  • high tuning – note A (snares on, muffled)

4. Summary

We don’t often get to test the instrument, which is perfect for everybody, literally everybody. And Natal Pure Stave Maple was this lucky one. It’s very versatile instrument, which will fit genres such as rock and metal, but it will be suitable for jazz, funk and fusion situations. It has a warm sound, but it’s not loosing its attack- and that’s the perect combination. We would be more than happy to test the rest of the Pure Stave snare drums, especially deeper ones. We give this fantastic snare our highest note, and we do it with pleasure!

5. Product info

  • Producer: Natal
  • Series: Pure Stave
  • Material: Maple Staves
  • Finish: Natural
  • Size: 14” x 5,5”
  • Hoops: Triple Flanged, 2,3 mm
  • Strainer: Tri-Throw
  • Drumheads: Evans Level 360.


  • Warm sound
  • Attack
  • Versatility
  • Beautiful look
  • Tri-Throw Strainer


  • There’s no such things!

Our rating: 5/5- TOP!