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We have recently picked up a package sent to us by our friends in DrumStore drum shop in Gdynia. When the delivery man has arrived, he gave us a few reallly big boxes. We were really excited to check what was inside! Boxes were full of cymbals, gongs, snare drums and other cool stuff. We didn’t want to waste time, so we quickly began testing all this awesome stuff. Today we are testing a truly amazing drum kit- Natal Cafe Racer. Let’s do it!

Natal Cafe Racer Drum Kit: Our test

Natal Drum Kit

1.Package and the overall look

Natal drums package

Drums were packed in cardboard boxes with Natal logo on it. Shells were really good secured with bubble film and sponges. They were arranged one inside another. Floor tom legs and spare parts were also wrapped in the film and put in the separate box. It’s good decision- the wood is much safer that way. After putting the set together we saw really beautiful instrument, with a magnificent finish. It kind of reminded us of the vintage drum kits, and the silver stripe, wich was running through the middle of every shell made them look really edgy- it was perfect combination!

2. Product

Natal Drums UK

As we wrote earlier- these drums are truly beautiful. The sizes are 10” x 8” rack tom, 12” x 9”  rack tom, 16” x 16” floor tom i 22” x 18” bass drum. The sparkle red finish with silver stripe is easily an eye candy for everybody, even people who don’t know much about drums. This kit is made of the unusual material- Tulipwood. Every drum is equipped with super light Sun Lugs which are also mounted in the high-end Natal Series- Originals. Toms are really easy to mount, and if you will set your angle and height of the tom, there is no chance of falling and dislocating. Tom holders are really made for lasting even the hardest hits! The overall look makes us think, that it’s really great kit, and it’s also pretty coherent.

3. Testing

Natal Drum Lugs

This drum kit was tested in the recording studio. We put single ply Attack drumheads on it. We also added Natal Old Bronze snare drum to the set. Drums were tuned in the middle sound range. After giving every single drum a round of paradiddles and other patterns we played on the whole kit. It sounds really coherent and clear. Distance between every tom is satisfying, and it sounds natural. Floor tom is deep, just as 16″ drum should be. Unfortunately bass drum hasn’t got enough low sound. It’s a pitty, because that makes it sound quite weak.

4. Summary

Natal Drums Back side

Natal Cafe Racer is a great drum kit in a great price range. We didn’t expect, that Tulipwood can sound so clear and loud! Although there is not enough low frequencies in bass drum, we must admit, that we can offer this set to everyone, who likes really original sound and even more original look! Sparkling kit with red shells and silver stripe in the middle? It’s insane, like a race car you wanted to have when you were a child. This drum kit has got all it takes to make your drumming more interesting and colorful!

Producer: http://www.nataldrums.com/

Distribution in Poland: http://drumstore.pl/

Our rate: 4/5