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Next year, TAMA will be celebrating their 50th anniversary! Five decades of “the strongest name in the drums” (to quote their advertising slogan) will be celebrated during the TAMA Drum Festival, which is to take place on May 25, 2024 in Gutenstetten, Germany.

beatit.tv witnessed the 40th anniversary celebration and we can say that this one will be worth attending, together with outstanding drummers from around the world, and taking part in the exciting accompanying events.

Details of the event, e.g. the festival line-up, will be announced in the coming weeks.

BeatIt at TAMA 40th

BeatIt at TAMA 40th, Pt. 2

BeatIt at TAMA 40th, Pt. 3

BeatIt at TAMA 40th, Pt. 4

BeatIt at TAMA 40th, Pt. 5