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Pierre Favre is a Swiss jazz drummer and percussionist, one of the most influential ones in his country. He has been collaborating with Paiste Cymbals as an endorser, but also headed the Paiste Drummer Service from 1966 to 1970. The job at the Paiste Factory involved testing cymbals and connecting with international drummers to introduce them to the Paiste sound. Thus, he installed and headed the Paiste Drummer Service.

At the age of 19 Pierre became percussionist and drummer of the Basel Radio Orchestra. He later freelanced in Paris and Rome, recorded and performed with many artists such as George Gruntz, Chet Baker, Bud Powell and Lou Bennett. From 1970 Pierre Favre focused more and more on solo drumming and drum ensembles (in particular with Fredy Studer), still performing and recording with various well-known jazz artists.

Pierre Favre Paiste

Alexis Amitrigala (Editor of SRF Music & Events) pays homage to Pierre Favre’s career and oeuvre with his documentary film Pierre Favre – in 80 Jahren um die Welt” (Pierre Favre – 80 Years Around the World) produced by Swiss television SRF. The film is in the German language but still worth seeing, we think.

Here is a beautiful quote by Pierre Favre taken from the film: Drummers are always smiling/happy. I wonder if they smile (are happy) because they are drummers or are drummers because they are happy.” We think every drummer would agree with that statement.