> > > Michał Bryndal & Voo Voo – “Niedziela” Live for BeatIt

Michał Bryndal is no novice at beatit.tv. He was one of the first musicians to have ever trusted us at the very beginning of our work. He gave us an in-depth interview 5 years ago, when he was just starting his adventure with indie/jazz/folk/rock institution in Poland, which the band Voo Voo have been over 30 years now. Today, he has grown to become the band’s integral part and a member of the Family in his own right, with four studio records and three live albums the group recorded with Michał behind the drums. If the band’s leader and mastermind, Wojciech Waglewski, and co. had an office decorated with the portraits of all the past drummers, Michał’s picture would  be right up there with the legendary Wojciech Morawski, Andrzej Ryszka and the late Piotr “Stopa” Żyżelewicz.

Obviously, an artist of this format must also be caught in the act, which is live, behind his drum kit. That happened on April 1, 2017 during Voo Voo‘s live show at the Centrum Kultury Zamek in Poznań, Poland. The band were promoting their latest studio effort titled “7“.

Drummer Michał Bryndal live with Voo Voo

Michał Bryndal and Voo Voo live for BeatIt, Pt. 2

We [Voo Voo] are closer and closer together, which shows on stage. We play very different places. Those are medium-sized venues (such as the CK Zamek), big halls, open-air gigs, but also tiny clubs. The latter have an intimate atmosphere with us sitting literally one on top of the other. That’s when we get the shivers. Each move can cause a domino effect, and musical narrative may go in a completely different direction, which no-one predicted. When on stage with Voo Voo, our radars are on permanently, so each of us may take the band in any given direction. If one of us doesn’t like where the song is going, he will put his foot down and shift direction.

As far as cymbals are concerned, a distinguished colleague of mine was going on a trip to Turkey. I called him and said I was looking for a 24-inch ride. He called me from Turkey and told me there was this great Istanbul Mehmet. He brought it home, I hit it once and that was it. It was an 24″ Istanbul Mehmet 61st Anniversary Ride. Beautiful! I played it for quite some time, and then, I had a gig with my band Stryjo in Istanbul. I went to that musicians’ street near the Galata Tower. The choice wasn’t too big, but every single cymbal they had was great. I bought a 20″ Istanbul Mehmet 61st Anniversary Ride with a single rivet. The new Polish Istanbul Mehmet distributor has recently contacted me and I’m in the process of testing all kinds of models. The cymbals are beautiful! I already got me one more 24-inch ride, but now it’s time for something smaller, I think. For tonight’s gig, I’m using a full Istanbul Mehmet set.

Drummers and Drummerettes! Here is drummer Michał Bryndal and his band Voo Voo in a live rendition of the song “Niedziela” (Sunday), which is taken from their 2017 release, titled “7“. Exclusively for www.beatit.tv viewers!