> > > Maciej Gołyźniak interview pt. 2

Maciej Gołyźniak (Monika Brodka) in pt. 2 of an exclusive interview for BeatIt

Maciej Gołyźniak is not the kind of man you need to drag words out of, especially if the conversation steers towards his fav drummers. Since we are talking Maciej’s fav drummers (please note the glow in his eyes at that moment – we wish everyone would have the same passion for the instrument), then, we absolutely must mention the name Bonham. John Bonham. That’s how much we reveal. Which of the songs recorded by the great legend makes our guest’s blood boil, you just see for yourselves. As you should do to find out how much phone cards used in the 1990’s had to do with Maciej Gołyźniak‘s love for drums, which album featuring which drummer sealed Maciej’s fate and his choice of musical direction and whether a serious drum freak like our man could have ignored Lars Ulrich and Neal Peart. Enjoy!

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