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At midnight last Wendesday night, Thursday morning (in the first minute of the day that was John Bonham‘s 70th birthday), a man hailed as the best rock drummer in history was paid a tribute in the form of a statue placed in a central spot of his home town – Redditch, Worcestershire, England.

John Bonham's statue Redditch

(Photo credit: Twitter)

The bronze sculpture was created by Mark Richards. It is set on a plinth inspired by the sleeve illustration to the “Houses of the Holy” album as well as Bonham’s live pictures. It even captures a blurred stick movement in the air and hair swirling in drumming madness…

The sculpture is the result of years of fund raising, which was the work of a small group of dedicated fans in Redditch, and the support of John Bonham’s family. No official unveiling ceremony took place.

The inscription reads:

The most outstanding and original drummer of his time. John Bonham’s popularity and influence continue to resonate within the world of music and beyond.”

John Bonham's statue unveiled in Redditch

(Photo credit: mixdownmag.com)

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