> > > Charlie Benante and Vinny Appice on Pantera reunion

In a recent interview for Consequence, drummer Charlie Benante and guitarist Gary Holt share their experiences connected with stepping in for deceased legendary band members (Pantera’s Vinnie Paul and Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman respectively). This is what Benante said about the negativity connected with the recent Pantera reunion:

Photo: tama.com

There’s people that send me: ‘Hey, did you see this?’, and I’m like: ‘Why did you send me this? Why ruin my day?’ I think that people who do these things, these comments […] I don’t even think they realize how much of an effect they could have on people […]. Whether or not you hate the situation or whatever it is, why can’t you find some sort of restraint? Why do you need to say this thought that you have? Can’t you just hold it in and keep it to yourself? No, they gotta tell you. I’ve never seen more of that in my life than I do in these past couple of months about people just judging. […]”

I spent a lot of time on Vinnie’s parts and, more importantly, the tones that Vinnie had because I wanted it to sound like Pantera. […] And my drum configuration’s different form the Anthrax one because I wanted to challenge myself to play those parts like he played them in that configuration, which to me was more important than anything. But yet, people still have to find some problem in that. […] When we started playing again, those two [Pantera singer Phil Anselmo and bassist Rex Brown] hadn’t played together as Pantera for a long time so It was an emotional thing for them. After the week of rehearsals […] the three of us really bonded. Zakk [Zakk Wylde, guitarist stepping in for the late Dimebag Darrell] wasn’t there at the time. For me, I knew I had done something right.

Photo source: vinnyappice.com

In an interview for TotalRock, the great Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio, Heaven & Hell, Last In Line) comes to the rescue: “I always thought, even when Vinnie was alive – he was a good friend, rest in peace. I thought back then: ‘Why don’t they get Zakk in the band and go out and play this stuff?’ Because it’s classic stuff. People love the music, people love to hear it. So I’m happy they’re doing it this way. I think they waited [and] they could have [done] it earlier. But I think it’s great.