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Ex-Black Sabbath Drummer reveals his top 10 metal albums

Bill Ward is often considered as “godfather of metal drumming”, not only by his fans, but also by fellow musicians. He has recently posted a list of his ten favorite metal albums of all time. Rolling Stone magazine has asked some metal stars about their favs, and that’s how “The list of the 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time” was made. Bill has also took part in the survey, and what’s more- he came up with his own list.

Bill Ward metal albums

Ex-member of the legendary Black Sabbath has pointed some albums we weren’t expecting him to! His list includes such artists as Slipknot or the supergroup called Dead Cross. Without any doubts he picked up also Sabbath’s “Master of Reality”. He wasn’t looking at genres or subgenres of metal while he was making his mind. He said: “I can definitely feel it. If I hear a band, if it has that core, it’s gonna reach out, it’s gonna go to dangerous places, it’s gonna be controversial, and everybody’s putting their heart and soul into whatever they’re doing, I’ll make that instant contact. These guys put it all out, and I love that about them … I know what it’s like to put your heart and soul and leave nothing after the concert.”

Here is the complete list of Bill Ward’s 10 favorite metal albums

  • Black Sabbath „Master of Reality” (1971)
  • Metallica „Metallica” (1991)
  • Slipknot „.5: The Gray Chapter” (2014)
  • Judas Priest „The Best of Judas Priest: Living After Midnight” (1997)
  • Motörhead „The Wörld Is Yours” (2010)
  • Type O Negative „October Rust” (1996)
  • Krisiun „Southern Storm” (2008)
  • Fear Factory „Mechanize” (2010)
  • DevilDriver „Beast” (2011)
  • Dead Cross „Dead Cross” (2017)

What do you think of Bill’s choice?

Source of information: http://www.rollingstone.com/