> > > Taylor Hawkins: Somewhere In The World There Is New Kurt Cobain

Taylor Hawkins, drummer of the ultimately successful band Foo Fighters, has recently spoken to Fuse.tv. During the interview he said that he firlmy believes that somewhere there a brand new generation of big rock stars ready to rule the stage and show their skills to the public.

taylor hawkins foo fighters

Artist said:

“I think there’s good stuff out there, but you really have to go hunt for it. When I was in high school, Guns N’ Roses were the biggest band in the world,and the biggest thing on the radio. Obviously that’s not the kind of thing that’s happening right now. I always like to think that there’s a Kurt Cobain somewhere in his parents’ basement, hating his parents, hating the world, getting ready to rewrite rock and roll with a guitar, bass, and a drum set. Because I love rock and roll, and I like the feel, I know we both do, and our band in general, we like a human feel to music. I feel, no pun intended, that’s kind of missing a lot. It just so happens right now that hip hop and sort of throwaway pop music, I call it throwaway pop music, my kids wouldn’t, but I do. It just happens to be at the top of the charts for the most part, except for a couple of weeks ago when we had a number one record.”

Do you agree with Taylor Hawkins? Is there no good rock music anymore?