> > > Questlove and Black Thought sued by The Roots’ former percussionist

Money is the case

Longtime The Roots member, percussionist Frank “Knuckles” Walker, has sued his former bandmates, Questlove and Black Thought, for not being paid properly. He was kicked off the band earlier this year, and he still hasn’t seen his money. He claims that they refused to pay him a proper amount of money and then gave him the boot as a way to shut him up.

The Roots Knuckles

“They simply kicked him out of The Roots and presumed he would forget about almost two decades of hard work, dedication, and effort he put into [the group],” reads a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Federal Court on Thursday by former percussionist Frank “Knuckles” Walker.

“I’ve been a member of the roots for 17 years and there has been a lot of bad paper work and bad business,” Walker told The New York Post. “This is definitely a pattern with these Roots guys.” The Roots has been very successful band, with three Grammys and other great awards and nominations. Unfortunatelly they have an alleged history of not paying their bandmembers.

In January 2016 they were also sued by their former bassist, Leonard “Hub” Hubbard. He also hadn’t been paid enough, and he was waiting for his money for almost ten years since he left the band in 2007 due to health issues.

Questlove, Black Thought and band manager are out of reach, and there have been no further comments on this case from them.

Source: http://nypost.com/