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Shelton Woolright and his bandmates present new clip for “Dead Flower”

New Zealand originated group I Am Giant has released brand new video for their newest single- Dead Flower. Song and video are taken from the upcoming, third album of the band. According to therock.net.nz portal- the album will be out very soon, this year for sure. The band was formed in West Auckland in 2008. It’s founding members were drummer Shelton Woolright (who was beatit.tv’s guest) and bassist Paul Matthews. They both decided, that starting another band in New Zealand has no point, and they moved to London, UK. After very long search they finally completed the lineup. Now they are playing very energetic music, which is described as post-grunge with some rock and even metal influences in it. Please take a look at their newest video:

Let’s take a moment and learn more about the drummer himself. Shelton Woolright is a very energetic and expressive player, who is also very precise. He can really feel the song he is playing at the moment, and adjust the right amount of sound in it. Before I Am Giant he was  member of the local band called Blindspott, and he gained some fame and recognition in his area. Besides playing drums he also took part in the popular X Factor series, and he was one of the four judges of the show. He is currently playing Pearl Masters drums, and proudly endorsees Sabian Cymbals (mailny AAX, AA and HHX series). Shelton was kind enough to answer our questions during an interview with him before the band’s concert in Poznan i 2014. We have also recorded some parts of his performance. We invite you to take a look at his fabulous work

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