> > > Eric Kretz’s (Stone Temple Pilots) list of most inspiring drummers

Stone Temple Pilots is a band that is especially affected by fate’s turns because (as at least some of our viewers know) two of their singers are no longer with us, i. e. Scott Weiland and Chester Bennington. The lands couldn’t be further from calling it a day, though. Last year, they recruited singer Jeff Gutt, who made himself known in two seasons of the American edition of The X Factor and was a member of a band called Rival City, which our friend Will Hunt was drumming for.

Stone Temple Pilots drummer

Eric Kretz (photo credit: hiveminer.com)

STP released their new album featuring Gutt’s singing in March this year. Currently, they are already on tour. When playing the Rock On The Range festival in Columbus, Ohio, STP drummer Eric Kretz was asked by iRock Radio about the drummers that inspired him the most to be a drummer. This is what Eric had to say:

Oh, man. You’ve gotta start off with… You’ve gotta go John Bonham [Led Zeppelin] all the way, because no one had the melody that John Bonham had with the power. But Bill Bruford [original drummer of Yes, also King Crimson, Genesis, U.K., Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe and his own Bruford] was one of those unsung heroes. All drummers will know who Bill Bruford is, but, man, the way that he could just turn everything upside down and inside out and change the time signatures and still make it sound great and melodic… Definitely those two. But you’ve gotta throw in Neil Peart [Rush] for his just incredible awesomeness at everything he ever did.”