> > Corrosion of Conformity drummer is out of the band

Musician currently deals with many addictions

Corrosion of Conformity drummer- Reed Mullin experienced a seizure before the band took the stage in Alberta, Canada  on June 5 after downing large amounts of alcohol. The band is now on tour with Lamb of God and Clutch. He is in a bad condition for a ling time, and the main reason is drinking and taking drugs, as well as living a totally unhealthy life.

Corrosion-of-Conformity- reed mullin

Fortunately enough, Chris Adler from Lamb of God and Jean Paul Gaster– drummer for Clutch, learned some CoC song very fast, so the gig could take place at all. Mullin’s bandmates posted an intense statement about the situation. The said, that they wish Reed good health, they believe, that he can fight his demons, and ask CoC fans for prayers. They also stated, that they will not watch their great friend’s slow road to destruction, so it will be good for everybody to split their ways. Long time career wit Corrosion of Conformity is over for Mullin. We believe, that it was good decision.

Source of information: loudwire.com