> > 5th Anniversary of Beatit.tv: The Drummers We Have Filmed

2017 is an important year for us, the Beatit.tv team. This year marks our 5th anniversary! It was a wonderful and challenging time. We have met awesome people, shot amazing gear tests, we have been to places such as NAMM and Musikmesse… There was a lot going on during past years. Let’s get back to drumcams. We have filmed 54 professional drummers from many different countries. Some of them are the biggest names in the drumming community, some of them will be even bigger, we can guarantee it! We are absolutely thankful for all of the possibilities, patience and dedication. It was a pleasure filming all of you guys!

Check out the video below. You will see artists like Simon Phillips, Thomas Lang, Gergo Borlai, Steve Johnston, Gabor Dorynei, Gerald Heyward, James Stewart, J.R. Robinson, Daru Jones, Gregg Bissonette, Jerry Gaskill, Shelton Woolright and Rick Latham!

We are extremely thankful for all of that. But there is a lot to do, so don’t worry – we will catch another wonderful drummers and we will try our best to film them at work!