> > > Wiktoria Jakubowska & Paulina Przybysz – “Padawan” Live for BeatIt

Wiktoria Jakubowska is a young and very talented female drummer, who has already marked her presence on the Polish scene, both musically with R&B/hip hop star Paulina Przybysz and business-wise as an official Sabian endorser in Poland. Since she played a gig in our hometown of Poznań, Poland on the 14th of December 2017, we decided not to miss out on a chance to film her performance.

female drummer Wiktoria Jakubowska live for en.beatit.tv

You are about to get acquainted with this young drummer’s skills as far as performance and arrangement are concerned. Wiktoria lists Eric Harland, Chris “Daddy” Dave, Nate Smith, Kendrick Scott and Questlove as those drummers who influenced her the most when she was younger. If you add that to her philosophy of breaking the barriers imposed by traditional music school education, you get what you are about to hear in this clip, which is a live rendition of a song titled “Padawan“, taken from Paulina Przybysz’s 2017 release “Chodź tu” (“Come Here”). What we have here is a nice, live rendition of programmed hip-hop beats enriched with the use of percussion instruments. Everything flows and grooves nicely.

As for the gear she uses, Wiktoria told us the following: “What I love to use with Paulina is a Sonor Teardrop. It’s an amazing instrument which is capable of a lot. I don’t believe in hi hats smaller than 16 inches because I prefer it dark and earthy. I have recently started a co-operation with Sabian and found a lot of good stuff for me. Big, dark, thin, sandy cymbals are exactly my cup of tea.”

With regard to her approach to playing hip hop, our guest says: “I was learning how to play the drums by listening. When playing hip hop, I’d never analyze it either. I would just take a record, for example by The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, sit behind my drums and play.”

Drummers and Drummerettes! Here is Wiktoria Jakubowska with Paulina Przybysz and band in a live rendition of the song “Padawan“. Enjoy!