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Thomas Lang exclusively for BeatIt, Pt. 5

In the final part of his exclusive interview for BeatIt, Thomas Lang openly and exhaustively talks about the widely publicized Dream Theater audition. We find out whether our guest had been closely following the band’s musical steps before they contacted him, what his feelings are as to how he did at the audition, and what he thinks about the way the event was organised, concerning both the rehearsal itself as well as the publicity connected with it.


Thomas also discusses the most memorable moments in his career (both good and bad ones). The interesting thing is that he does not mention too many specific situations but concentrates on his general approach to the matter, which gives it a rather educational twist. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, as our conversation took place in the middle of an event of the same character, which is the famous Thomas Lang’s Drumming Boot Camp.

Here is Thomas Lang in the fifth and final part of our talk. Enjoy!

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