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Helpful tool for people, who want to improve notation reading skills!

As many people know, drummers are hard working and passionate people. They can develop their passion by attending to music schools, drumming schools or by taking part in different workshops and clinics. But that’s the one way. Some of the drummers, even the biggest ones, are self-thaught. It’s also a way of education, byt you have to do it by yourself (and it has pros and cons). Every drummer at some point will meet the drum notation. It’s a fact. People, who have attended music shool will have less problems with reading it, but the self-thaught will sometimes struggle with it. We came across an useful solution, a book, which will solve many of the notation reading problems. We bring to you Rhythm and Notation for Drums: The Complete Guide to Rhythm Reading and Drum Music (Learn to Play Drums).


This book is a result of the longtime research done by an Irish session drummer and educator- Kev O’Shea. It will for sure help you with:

  • Discover how to read and play every essential notation on drums
  • Understand how reading drum music works
  • Build play and internalize rhythms on drums
  • Understand complex time and accurate rhythm divisions
  • Instantly apply and master terminology to make music

The Rhythm and Notation for Drummers teaches you to correctly play, understand and combine the essential techniques for drummers to become a better musician, quickly and easily. You will be able to test Yourself: detailed revision sections are at the end of each chapter. And another cool feature :Get the Audio! Don’t just understand music! – Hear every example played live and professionally recorded. More information can be found at http://www.fundamental-changes.com/book/rhythm-reading-and-notation-for-drums/.