> > > T. Stołowski (Tides From Nebula) – “Fearflood” live for BeatIt

On November 24, 2022, Tides From Nebula played a gig in Poznań, Poland. The band has been gaining new ground in the international market and could soon join Polish musical export acts (along with Vader, Behemoth, Decapitated, Riverside, or Trupa Trupa). We couldn’t miss out on that opportunity to meet up with the band’s drummer, Tomek Stołowski, make a bunch of drum cam videos and talk about what’s most important in life, i.e. drums (but also cymbals, skins, sticks and hardware) as well as drummers.

We didn’t miss out on an opportunity to do a few drum cams, so enjoy watching Tomek and listening to the whole band in a live rendition of “Fearflood“, which is one of the singles released in 2022.

The only permanent element is the Evans Power Center. I’ve basically used it on all of my snares for many years. I started using it after I’d found out that Danny Carey had it and I wanted to get one to sound like Danny. (laughs) Although I must say I haven’t acquired Danny Carey’s sound or technique through purchasing this skin. On the toms, I’ve got clear Remo Emperors. Sometimes, I use coated ones, too. That depends on what’s needed in a given situation. I prefer clear ones live as they’re more resonant. In the studio, I often use coated heads. 

I can also tell you about the spare snare. It’s interesting. This is the snare I’d been using for years before I finally put the other one in order. It’s a Ludwig Acrolite, which I bought on eBay for 100 dollars. I doubt such bargains on Ludwig instruments could still be possible. That was 6 years ago. It was the last moment when these Ludwigs cost that kind of money.” 

My inspiration number three is Danny Carey for playing the same snare head I’ve been playing. But seriously… His technique… I used to be a huge Tool fan. I am to this day, although the music has slightly aged in my opinion. I still respect him for his playing, versatility, sound and so on. I also like to watch Benny Greb play. Not that that’s my style. It’s that his musicality is out of this world. Thomas Lang, of course. The double bass speed, the versatility… As if he had ten limbs.