> > > T. Stołowski (Tides From Nebula) – “Hollow Lights” live for BeatIt

On November 24, 2022, Tides From Nebula played a gig in Poznań, Poland. The band has been gaining new ground in the international market and could soon join Polish musical export acts (along with Vader, Behemoth, Decapitated, Riverside, or Trupa Trupa). We couldn’t miss out on that opportunity to meet up with the band’s drummer, Tomek Stołowski, make a bunch of drum cam videos and talk about what’s most important in life, i.e. drums (but also cymbals, skins, sticks and hardware) as well as favourite drummers.

We didn’t miss out on an opportunity to do a few drum cams, so enjoy watching Tomek and listening to the whole band in a live rendition of “Hollow Lights“, taken from their third offering, titled “Eternal Movement” and released in 2013.

I’m endorsed by a very well known German brand called Meinl. It’s been 6-7 years. I’m really satisfied with those cymbals. I don’t have to play them. They’re simply great. They do their job both in the studio and live. Today, I’ve got a rather traditional set up with me. Let’s start with the biggest one: a 22” Byzance Benny Greb Ride. Slightly taped up as it tends to be a bit too loud. There’s an 18” Benny Greb Signature Crash to match that. This one is a 19” Byzance Traditional Medium Thin Crash and 15” hats to match. Sometimes, I use a 19” crash next to the hi hat and a 20” crash on the right. Sadly, our sound guy doesn’t like that configuration because it’s a bit louder than this one. 

Some songs call for a lighter sound and then I use this configuration. On the slightly heavier songs I move the 19-inch to the left and put on a 20-inch on the right. For the studio setting I also have an Extra Thin Hammered Jazz Ride, which has little to do with an actual ride cymbal ‘cause crashes immediately, no matter how you hit it. It has absolutely no ping but it works as a crash. It can be heard on the last album and on the new singles we recently put out.” 

Dave Grohl. I like him too, especially for “Songs For The Deaf” – the album he did with Queens Of The Stone Age . That’s my favourite. I’ve played it to death over the years and I still like to revisit that to this day. The drumming is great on there. I’ve heard they were done separately from the cymbals. I respect him for Nirvana albums too. Actually, he’s got my respect for everything he’s done.