> > > T. Stołowski (Tides From Nebula) – “Tragedy of Joseph Merrick” live for BeatIt

On November 24, 2022, Tides From Nebula played a gig in Poznań, Poland. The band has been gaining new ground in the international market and could soon join Polish musical export acts (along with Vader, Behemoth, Decapitated, Riverside, or Trupa Trupa). We couldn’t miss out on that opportunity to meet up with the band’s drummer, Tomek Stołowski, make a bunch of drum cam videos and talk about what’s most important in life, i.e. drums (but also cymbals, skins, sticks and hardware) as well as favourite drummers.

We didn’t miss out on an opportunity to do a few drum cams, so enjoy watching Tomek and listening to the whole band in a live rendition of “Tragedy of Joseph Merrick“, taken from their debut album, titled “Aura” and released in 2009. The remaining members of the group are: Maciej Karbowski (guitar, keys) and Przemek Węgłowski (bass guitar).

For many years, I played a Sonor Delite, but I’ve grown tired of it. Some probably remember my leopard skin finish. It really did stand out. Now I’m playing a 70s Hayman Vibrasonic kit. Old but fine drums. They’ve recently become increasingly popular, especially among Polish studio owners. The configuration is: 12”, 16”, 22”.

The snare is the only one in the world. You can see a Sonor badge but it’s only got Sonor lugs. I used to have a Sonor Force 2003, which I stripped of the hardware, bought a very thin maple Keller shell, put all the lugs on it, oiled it and here it is. I made it some 5-6 years ago. Initially, I just couldn’t get it to sound right. There was always something that put me off and so it spent quite some time lying about in the studio, gathering dust. This year, I finally got around to giving it some time and effort and now I’m playing it on this tour.” 

As for my favourite drummers, Josh Freese would have to come first. He’s actually played with most American stars but I became aware of him through A Perfect Circle albums, also Nine Inch Nails, The Offspring, he played on Paramore albums. He’s been on hundreds of albums, so you often come across his playing. I came to like his style through A Perfect Circle. I’ve nicked some of his licks and used them in the context of my playing.