> > > PORTER & DAVIES: Tactile monitors for E-Drummers

Porter & Davies’ silent tactile monitors enable drummers to tangibly connect with their electronic and hybrid drum kits, allowing them to feel and hear a sound that is both real and huge when performing or recording.

The BC2BC2rmBC GigsterBC-X and TT6 Equipped Throne use bone conduction to deliver an accurate reproduction of what is played. The fusion of these systems with an electronic or hybrid kit relays the weight and punch of the bass drum, the tone and note decay of the toms as well as the softest to the loudest snare ghost notes; without time lag. Compared to using only headphones or external speakers, adding a Porter & Davies system enables e-dummers to complete the sonic and physical experience of the instrument.

Porter & Davies systems, which work with all makers and models of electronic kits and drums, are available in a selection of sizes to suit all budgets. Easy to set up and use, they faithfully reproduce every note and dynamic, making electronic and hybrid kits feel and sound more like acoustic kits.

Many professional drummers rely on using P&D gear with their electronic and hybrid kits to give them the authentic sensation of playing on a stage or in a studio. Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson, Steve Hackett) explains: “Every note you play is felt through your body and it makes monitoring so easy and the V-Drums experience is taken to a whole new level”. Kylie Minogue drummer, Tom Meadows, adds: ‘The dynamic sensitivity of the BC Gigster and ease of use puts it in to a different league to anything else available today. The BC2 and Gigster will soon become industry standards and the only choice for anyone who’s serious about their monitoring.’

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