> > > Lao Che – ‘Hydropiekłowstąpienie’ LIVE

Lao Che – ‘Hydropiekłowstąpienie’ live for BeatIt

On October 5th 2013, the BeatIt team payed a visit to the Polish indie sensation Lao Che during their performance in Poznań, Poland. To us, the band’s drummer Michał ‘Dimon’ Jastrzębski and percussionist Maciek Dzierżanowski were the heroes of the day.


Here is the third clip from that show, which is a performance of the song ‘Hydropiekłowstąpienie‘ (‘Hydrodescention in Hell’) taken from Lao Che’s third studio effort ‘Gospel‘.

We give you Michał ‘Dimon’ Jastrzębski and Maciek Dzierżanowski live. Enjoy!