> > > Jose Torres & Havana Dreams “Por ahi nos vemos” live for BeatIt

Jose and Tomek Torres performing live for BeatIt

Jose Torres’s band performs the song “Por ahi nos vemos”. Not everybody can afford to travel all the way from Europe to Cuba but most of us can actually afford to buy a ticket to a concert and experience Jose Torres & Havana Dreams live. We wholeheartedly recommend doing so and maybe, just maybe, we can “meet there“, as the poet says. Shopix and The Viking are particularly sentimantal about the moment during the show when Jose showed the audience a rhythm to be clapped together. Thanks to that, the Chairman and Editor-In-Chief can include another entry in their musical C.V’s as they got to clap for the Torres family band.

The line-up of Jose Torres & Havana Dreams featured: the leader, Tomek Torres, Filip Torres, Fernando Torres, Juan Carlos Hechavaria, Maria Rodriguez Matczyńska, Grzegorz Turczyński and Kuba Klepczyński.

Our special words of gratitude go out to Krzysztof Kłak and Jakub Sowzdargo of the E-xon company for engineering the sound and making it available to us straight from the mixing board.

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