> > > Jon Beavis (IDLES) joins Zildjian!

Zildjian company has just added Jon Beavis of IDLES to its wide family of artists.

Jon started playing drums at the age of 8, and fell in love with the instrument. “When I was behind a kit is where things just clicked for me. What I think helped me during the first 5-6 years of me learning was to fully immerse myself with all styles of playing, whether it was jazz, swing, rock or funk.” – Jon comments. “Growing up in Bristol I think offered me an incredible opportunity to develop as a drummer, as there was always a gig on, so I could learn from watching other players all across the city. (…) I was lucky enough to go to BIMM in Bristol, where I continued to develop my skills, and from there, I was put forward to go and meet some members of a new band about potentially joining them. They were Dev and Joe and I have been playing with IDLES for over 10 years now!


Other than the beautiful 21″ K Crash Ride (…), I will always have a soft spot for 14″ A New Beat Hi-Hats, I always make sure my set are close to hand in the studio. I love to really use both elements of the Crash Ride. I like to emphasize the parts I’m playing but not too much. Drumming is all about feel for me, so I play around with the Crash Ride definition at many points during one song when I’m playing that cymbal!” – Jon comments on his favourite Zildjian cymbals.

To learn more about Jon we recommend visiting his sub-page on official Zildjian page (HERE).