> > > Get inspired: Pearl Rapid Lock Hi-hat Clutch

Some time ago we have launched new series of videos under our Get inspired banner. Those are very short clips showing practical applications of new, not-so-obvious or slightly overlooked effects, hardware or accessories from various manufacturers, and stuff made by us.

We had some problems with unscrewing hi-hat clutch lately, and we tried many options of solving our case. It was really annoying and we needed a quick way of getting it done. We have suddenly recalled a cool piece of gear by Pearl which was presented last year. It was Pearl Rapid Lock hi hat Clutch. With it’s little help we will show you how to play with big amount of comfort and joy.

pearl rapid clutch

If you want to put your hi-hats on it, just push two metal pieces adjusted to the black part on the bottom and pull it down. It’s super easy! You can also regulate the upper part. Grip of this clutch is simply great. It gives you huge amount of comfort when you play, and we all know how important it is. You can buy Rapid Lock hi hat clutch for around 21 $.

Check out our video!