> > > Beatit Test: Soundbrenner Body Strap

Soundbrenner Pulse is an unique device. It’s a metronome, but quite special. It’s wearable. This one doesn’t click or tick. It has no phones-in. It works with vibrations generated by this device, and also light effects. It’s touch- activated and if you want to set up the tempo, you just simply tap it on the surface of the metronome. Since its premiere Soundbrenner Pulse gained a big popularity among world famous drummers such as J.R. Robinson. It’s also popular among people who are looking for something new and challenging when it comes to time keeping. Soundbrenner Pulse is equipped with two exchangable straps. One for your wrist, to wear it like a watch and other one for your ankle. Producer thought that it’s not enough and decided to add another, longer and even more versatile strap. That’s how Soundbrenner Body Strap came to life.

We got the strap, as well as the metronome itself from ProDrum, Warsaw based drum shop. They are a real professionals. We have tested it at our headquaters, and here are some observations made by us:

  1. When mounted on the thigh: It’s the best way for us. The strap sits solid, nothing is moving, you can feel the pulse just right. You can also see the blinking light which can help you counting if you get lost somehow.
  2. When mounted on collarbone: you have to place it right. It can slip sometimes, so be patient and find your spot.
  3. When mounted on the chest: It’s really nice, place it next to your heart- it works! The strap holds the metronome but there is no annoying pressure made by it. Second place. Really gets you going.

Watch our video material and purchase your own Body Strap. Maybe you will find another cool spot to place the Soundbrenner Pulse on your body?


Soundbrenner Pulse test by Beatit