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Some time ago, we received a parcel from the official Polish Premier and Sabian distributor – the Music Info company. It contained a Premier Genista GM20-25, our test of which you can see HERE. Now, it is time for Sabian Artisan Light cymbals. Let us start with a 14-inch hi hat.

To hit on those drums, we invited a representative of the new generation of very promising Polish drummers, Mateusz Brzostowski. He is a graduate of the Karol Lipiński Music Academy in Wrocław, Poland. He collaborates or has collaborated with the likes of Liber, Kasia Wilk, Dominika Barabas, Mieczysław Szcześniak, donGuralesko, Mezo or Natalia Niemen. As a Sabian user and lover and a great drummer, Mateusz turned out to be the right person to perform out test.

14" Sabian Artisan Light Hats test by en.beatit.tv (photo: sabian.com)

14″ Sabian Artisan Light Hats

1. The test

The test was carried out in our own recording facility. Apart from the 14″ Sabian Artisan Light hats, Mateusz Brzostowski used a ride and crashes from the same family, as well as a Premier Genista GM20-25 and a Premier Modern Classic 14″x5,5″ snare drum.

2. Basic specification of the cymbal tested here:

  • Company: Sabian
  • Series: Artisan
  • Version: Light
  • Cymbal type: Hi Hat
  • Cymbal size: 14″
  • Finish: Natural or brilliant
  • Hand-made
  • Material: B20 bronze
  • Character: dark, loud chick, full body wash
  • Weight: Medium (top), Heavy (bottom).

en.beatit.tv tests 14" Sabian Artisan Light Hats

3. Product and sound

Sabian Artisan are beautiful cymbals. Natural or brilliant finish, they look magnificent. Closely spaced hammering marks only enhance that impression. Simply, a fine example of applied arts. The manufacturer claims they are made by the best artisans there are, and the cymbals look exactly like that. Their sound would also confirm this statement. Sabian Artisans fall into the very trendy pattern of dark and warm sound characteristics accompanied by richness of partial tones, as well as great projection and fast response. Kind of a vintage approach to sound blended with meeting contemporary expectations. That’s exactly the 14″ Sabian Artisan Light hats tested here are like – they have a loud and warm chick, produced both with a stick and a pedal. When open, the pair is a model of a warm, full, deep, dark and harmonically rich body sound. Players should have no complaints whatsoever about the response or dynamic range offered by this cymbal. It is not a cheap instrument, but the USD 600 guarantees you versatility and richness of sound combined with the highest quality.

4. Summary

We think we should let Mateusz Brzostowski himself sum up the whole experience: “The Sabian Artisan Light 14″ is the best pair of hats for me, considering my needs. I use it in any musical style – from jazz to heavy rock. I would characterize the sound as warm and full combined with excellent projection. It is dark but rich-sounding. I don’t need anything else since this one meets all of my expectations.”

Producer: https://www.sabian.com/en/home

Distributor in Poland: http://www.musicinfo.pl/



  • Magnificent look
  • Excellently crafted
  • Full and warm body wash, loud and warm chick
  • Stylistic versatility


  • None

Drummers and Drummerettes! It’s time to put the 14″ Sabian Artisan Light hats to the most important test of all, i. e. the en.beatit.tv viewers’ test! Exclusively for you, we give you Mateusz Brzostowski !