> > > Beatit Days: drum workshop with Wojtek Deręgowski

We are starting a new (but old at the same time) chapter in our business. We thought about it for a long time and eventually decided to come back with the idea of organizing professional drum workshops to be called Beatit Days. The first such workshop took place during the Przystanek Woodstock festival in 2015. You can see the report from this event here.

However, the concept of future workshops is different. We want to offer you cyclical meetings at the highest level (this includes educators, knowledge, accommodation, meals and additional attractions), which will take place in a charming place in the Notecka Forest. Those of you who have already been following our recent activities know what that place is!

The first edition of Beatit Days in the new formula will be hosted by Wojtek Deręgowski.

Wojtek Deręgowski is a Polish drummer and musician. He studied at Berklee in Boston. Currently, Wojtek is active on the music scene in Poland and abroad both as a concert and studio drummer. He has worked with Tina Karol (with whom he still performs), Rosalie, Sorry Boys, Monika Lewczuk and Marcelina. A large part of Wojtek’s career is based on social media activities, which involve frequent posting of drum videos. His channel has over 300,000 followers. In his drumming and education, he focuses on unique style, creativity and sound, as well as musicality and emotional expression on the drum kit. Wojtek is endorsed by the following drum companies: Vic Firth, DW Drums, Meinl, Remo, Roland and 64 Audio.

Crucial information about the event.

  1. Teachers

Maciej Głuchowski – educational support

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/maciejslepygluchowski

Wojtek Deręgowski – main teacher
Website: https://www.wdrumlessons.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wojtek_deregowski/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/wojtekderegowski
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wojtekdrummer

2. Event schedule

The event will be held between the 10th and 12th of February 2023:

Feb 10 – arrival and check-in

Feb 11 – classes

Feb 12 – classes and check-out after dinner

3. Accommodation and food

We offer accommodation in 4-person bungalows with the option of full catering. We also offer a VIP package – a one-person bungalow and full board. Bogdanka Park is located right next to a lake in Trzebin, Poland https://bogdankapark.pl/. You can bring along the whole family, you can come with a partner, a friend, a dog or a cat 🙂

4. Classes

Anyone can take part in the workshops, regardless of age (minors need parental consent and children must come with guardians) and regardless of the level of proficiency on the drum set. Groups will be created that will correspond to the participants’ level of advancement, so that everybody can feel comfortable. The assumption is that classes will be conducted in the amount of 10 hours over two days. The topics that Wojtek will cover during the workshop include:

Basic-level topics:
Single drum pedal playing techniques
Basic rudiments on the kit

Advanced-level topics:
The concept of patterns in drum-kit playing
Creativity in drumming
Linear patterns

How to practice? 
The meaning of social media in a musician’s career
Practicing coordination without a drum kit

5. Transport

In your own car – we provide a parking place.
By train – the transfer of attendees from the Krzyż train station to Trzebin is included in the workshop ticket price.

6. Equipment

Each attendee must bring his or her own practice pad, a stand to mount the pad, and sticks. Bringing your own drum stool is advisable.

7. Prices

All the prices are per ONE person:
Basic (accommodation) – PLN 680 Kup bilet
Basic with meals – PLN 930 Kup bilet
VIP – PLN 1,490 Kup bilet

You can get your tickets here: https://sklep.beatit.tv/pl/c/Warsztaty-z-Wojtkiem-Deregowskim-10-12-luty-2023/44

Guardians and accompanying persons who will not participate in the classes will receive a separate price less the costs related to the workshops.

8. Additional attractions

We plan an evening bonfire on Saturday, if the weather allows 🙂 There is a sauna and banya available (paid for additionally).

If you have any questions regarding the workshop, feel free to contact us.

Maciej: 691 941 726