> > > Wojtek Deręgowski tests a Meinl Classics Custom Dual cymbal pack

Wojtek Deręgowski is one of the brightest and still rising drumming stars in Poland. He is a busy touring and session drummer, specializing mainly in hip-hop, pop, R&B and electronic music. Wojtek has played with many Polish acts, including Monika Lewczuk, Sorry Boys, Marcelina and Rosalie, and is currently touring with Ukrainian singer, actress and TV personality Tina Karol.

Wojtek studied at Berklee College of Music and is also an educator who successfully conducts online lessons, master classes and classes for all levels of drumming on his website https://www.wdrumlessons.com/. He is also very active on social media, including his Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channels, where he regularly posts drum videos and lessons.

Wojtek is endorsed by Vic Firth sticks, DW Drums, Remo, Roland, 64 Audio IEMs and, of course, Meinl Cymbals. Who better to test a whole lot of Meinl cymbals?

We have already posted a test of the Pure Alloy Custom cymbal pack and now it’s time for…

Meinl Classics Custom Dual cymbal pack

1. Test

We conducted the test in our new studio, i.e. in an acoustically adapted room. We used a DW Collector’s Maple 20″ x 18″, 16″ x 13″, 12″ x 9″, 10″ x 8″ drum kit and a DW Collector’s Vintage 14″ x 6.5″ Steel snare. The Meinl cymbal set at hand consists of: 14″ hats, an 18″ crash, a 20″ ride, and is expanded by a 16″ trash crash.

2. Basic specification of the set:

  • Manufacturer: Meinl
  • Series: Classics Custom Dual
  • Cymbals included: 14″ hi hat, 18″ crash, 20″ ride + 16″ trash crash
  • Material: B12 bronze
  • Finish: Dark / Brilliant
  • Character: explosive attack, warm sound
  • Weight: Medium

3. Product and sound

We must say that the Meinl Classics Custom Dual cymbals look very nice – the dark bell, the highly polished edge side and the area between them, which is partly dark and partly brilliant, makes a great visual impression. It has already found many buyers, and certainly influences the sound.

The cymbals as a set sound very consistent. They have an explosive, cutting, quite fast and glassy attack (the effect of the brilliant component), which, however, does not lack in warmth (thanks to the dark element). At the decay stage, in which the explosion turns into a “tail”, the glassy gives way to warmth and a slight dryness. There is even more warmth to the sound than there was upon the attack. Such characteristics mean that, on the one hand, metal and rock drummers, as well as gospel and hip-hop drummers should be satisfied, but on the other hand, it can be safely said that there will be no disappointment in the pop or fusion contexts either. We also like the way these cymbals record, i.e. the microphones also hear them in a balanced way.

Wojtek Deręgowski‘s impressions from playing the cymbal pack:

I think that this is a set of cymbals focused on slightly heavier ways of musical expression. You can feel their power, but there is also a lot of warmth in them, which definitely appeals to me. The additional Trash Crash perfectly complements the configuration and gives a definite breath of fresh air.”

14″ Meinl Classics Custom Dual Hats

The hats are relatively the least glassy of the whole set and probably the warmest, especially as heard by microphones. When it’s open, there is a certain amount of crunch and sandiness to them (although not exaggerated) and there are practically no irritating overtones in the high frequencies. When closed, the cymbal pair a properly focused and warm chick. A very good hi hat. Here is Wojtek’s opinion: “Nice, relatively low pitch. Clear response when hitting with the tip of the stick. Although I feel that it will not work in all music genres, it is my number one for recording metal and rock songs.”

18″ Meinl Classics Custom Dual Crash

Warmth, warmth and then some more warmth. A rather polished attack is followed by a slightly dry and somewhat sandy tail, which is rather medium in length. Wojtek hears it like this: “It’s a crash that will work well not only in heavy music. I would go ahead and take it to pop concerts or playing RnB or hip hop. I like its low pitch. It will fit nicely as an additional crash for heavier moments.”

20″ Meinl Classics Custom Dual Ride

This ride sounds a bit soft (not a disadvantage), i.e. you can hear clear stick definition with fairly widely spreading wash, which does not lack in warmth. The bell is well defined and balanced with the body in terms of both volume and warmth – very pleasant to the ear. The cymbal is relatively easy to crash. Wojtek again: “The cymbal is definitely made for heavier genres such as rock or metal. I wish more high-end rides had such a distinctive bell!

16″ Meinl Classics Custom Dual Trash Crash

Just like in the case of the standard crash, we are dealing here with a glassy attack, which, however, quickly gives way to a sandy quality, reinforced by the trashiness indicated in the cymbal’s name. Over to Wojtek: “Just like the regular crash, this one will work well not only in heavy music. I would use it for pop concerts, RnB and hip hop music. I like its low pitch. It will fit nicely as an additional crash for more dynamic moments.”

Here’s the score achieved by the Meinl Pure Alloy Custom cymbal pack:

Appearance: 10

Sound: 10

Innovation: 10

Price: 10

Quality: 10


Disadvantages – None


In-between: None

Advantages – Great craftsmanship, excellent look, universal sound (warmth combined with explosiveness)

The total score is: 5

We invite you to watch the test video in which you will hear and see a Meinl Classics Custom Dual Expanded cymbal pack.