> > > Piotr Pniak at BeatIt Days 2015

BeatIt Days at the 21st Annual Przystanek Woodstock Festival – Piotr Pniak’s Drum Workshop 

As those who follow our channel remember very well, we organized and conducted an event we named BeatIt Days, which was part of the 21st annual Przystanek Woodstock Festival in Kostrzyn nad Odrą, Poland.

Between July 30 and – August 1, 2015, there were all kinds of attractions for drum lovers including: live concerts, gear presentations, drum-playing shows as well as contests and quizzes with interesting and valuable prizes to win.The event washeld in cooperation with the mobile phone operator PLAY, with contributions from Roland Polska, ADA Music – the Polish Zildjian and Ludwig distributor as wel as Avant Drum Shop (drumshop.pl).


One of those workshops took place on July 31, 2015. It was conducted by Piotr Pniak – a renowned Polish drummer, teacher, clinician as well as an official Zildjian endorser.

Both Piotr and BeatIt are honoured to have seen so many of you there! See for youselves what it was like…