> > > Bartosz Nazaruk & Dagadana – “Siałem Proso Na Zagonie” Live for BeatIt

Some time ago (on November 18, 2018 to be more precise 🙂 ), our cameras recorded Bartosz Nazaruk, who performed at the Zamek Culture Center in Poznań, Poland, at a concert celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Polish-Ukrainian band Dagadana. Musicians from the Poznan Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra were also present on the stage.

Dagadana combines elements of Polish and Ukrainian folk culture with jazz, electronic and world music. The group received the Polish Music Industry Award Fryderyk in the Album of the Year Folk / World Music category in 2011, and has received three more nominations since. During the performance celebrating the band’s anniversary, the lineup which appeared on the stage comprised the following members: Dagmara Gregorowicz, Dana Vynnytska, Mikołaj Pospieszalski and the aforementioned Bartosz Nazaruk.

During his performance, Bartek used the following gear:

  • Cymbals: Impression Cymbals X-Hard Hats 14″, Impression Cymbals Leon Collection Crash Ride 22″, Impression Cymbals X-Hard Ride 21″ as well as a no-name 10″ chinese, which the drummer describes as: ‘purchased in China by weight’
  • Drums: a Ludwig Breakbeats Azure Sparkle shell set (16″x14″, 10″x7″, 13″x13″) with no resonant heads, a Sonor Jungle snare turned into a rack tom, and a 13″ Hayman rack tom turned into a snare by Fat Flying Drums
  • Heads: Aquarian Texture Coated on the shell set, WS Vintage on the snare drum
  • Sticks: Vater Phat Ride

Drummers and Drummerettes! Here is Bartosz Nazaruk & Dagadana in a live rendition of the song “Siałem Proso Na Zagonie” (‘I Sowed Millet in the Patch’), taken from the band’s 2016 effort titled “Meridian 68”. Exclusively for beatit.tv!