> > > Yamaha Lifetime Achievement Award: Larry Mullen Jr.

Larry Mullen Jr. has been a member of U2 for over 40 years and a member of the family for over 35 years. Last year, the company honoured the drum legend and U2 founder with the Yamaha Lifetime Achievement Award.

Larry Mullen Jr.'s Yamaha Lifetime Achievement Award acceptance speech

Larry Mullen Jr. accepting the Yamaha Lifetime Achievement Award (photo via Pinterest)

Very recently, Yamaha released a video feature, where Larry Mullen Jr. discusses his modest beginnings as a kid in Dublin, the formation of U2 and his drumming philosophy.

I never learned a lot of the basics necessary to be proficient. I’ve had to rely on doing things that are unconventional. If you take a song like ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’, as a professional player you would never have done that. You can only do that when you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s the stuff that I don’t know in some ways that makes me different. I don’t know if that makes me great, but it makes me different. I had to compensate and through that compensation developed a style that is unique. I’m incredibly proud of that.”

Here is the feature for your viewing pleasure: