> > > Why did Dave Grohl become a singing frontman?

Dave Grohl is a tough guy with a heart of gold. We all can agree on that. He is a frontman and guitarist of extremely popular rock’n’roll act called Foo Fighters, but drummers recognize him mostly from the mighty Nirvana – a band that defined grunge music and culture. After a tragic event (suicide death of Nirvana’s leader, Kurt Cobain), Dave took a short break in his career and in 1995 he came back as a main guy of his new project. Some people want to know why didn’t he remain a solid rock drummer, and why did he switched drums for guitar and microphone? Here are the answers.

In the recent interview for Team Rock radio Dave explained his decision. He said:

After Nirvana, I wasn’t really sure what to do. I was asked to join a couple of other bands as the drummer, but I just couldn’t imagine doing that because it would just remind me of being in Nirvana; every time I sat down at a drum set, I would think of that. And other people would think of that as well.

I started my own company, Roswell Records, and I called it Foo Fighters because I wanted people to think it was a band. I didn’t want any names on it or pictures.

He also explained why he quit doing drugs before Nirvana became a huge act:

One thing I did before Nirvana became popular was I stopped doing drugs,

By the time I was 20, I just stopped doing that stuff because it didn’t make me feel emotionally, mentally or physically healthy.

We are very glad of every single decision he made. Now he is a true rockstar, the kind one. People loves him and his band. He may not be a full-time drummer, but when he sits behind the kit in one of his side project you can feel the rock’n’roll fire coming out of his hands and legs. Keep up the great job Dave!