> > > Tool Change Studios For New Album

Tool fans all around the world were more than happy when they finally got the proof that band’s new album is in the making. Maynard James Keenan and his fellow men have entered the Ocean Studios and they focused on their job. Everybody was really excited because Keenan was really into it and it was reported that he was coming up with great lyrics and melodies. It was a fairy tale until drummer Danny Carey has recently posted a photo of his drum set, but not in the Ocean Studios, but in LA- based Henson Studios!

danny carey tool

Guy nicknamed hellboy1975 posted on the Tool Reddit:

“A guy on the Fourtheye Facebook page said he overheard from Danny at the Baked Potato that they were having some issues with a buzz and had to relocate studios. It’s second hand info, but I imagine they moved from Ocean Studios to the Henson ones. Alternatively they’re tracking drums in a different venue, which is not entirely unusual.”

Tool guitarist Adam Jones recently shared a new studio photo of drummer Danny Carey with a burned drum head near a fire hose. That’s why rumours about problems with buzz may be true? We don’t know. We can only hope that these actions will not affect the recording process and the album premiere! We have our fingers crossed.