> > The “Colours of drumming” concert in Łódź

Sources and inspirations- all about drums in the scientific and artistic way

Colours of Drumming“- it’s a special concert, which will take place on February 16 in the Concert Hall of Music Academy in Łódź It’s a part of international scientific conference entitled  „Sources and inspirations –problems implementing the music of percussion at the turn of the XX and XXI century”.




During this concert you will see performers from Poland, Spain, Colombia and i Taiwan. The whole event will be hosted by well known drummer and educator- Piotr Pniak. We kindly invite all of our readers to take part in this interesting evening, just go to the Concert Hall on Żubardzka 2a street at 6 p.m. and enjoy the music. Entrance is totally free.

More about the artists: http://www.amuz.lodz.pl/lifemotion/pl/aktualnosci/63-2016/150509-miedzynarodowa-konferencja-naukowo-artystyczna-zrodla-i-inspiracje-zagadnienia-wykonawcze-w-muzyce-perkusyjnej-przelomu-xx-i-xxi-wieku/