> > T. Łosowski releases new solo album

Tomasz Łosowski, a great Polish drummer, saught-after session player and widely valued educator, has prepared something very nice for the second half of the summer holiday season.


August will see the release of his solo album titled “Fusionland“. The list of musical guests includes such top players on the Polish scene as keyboardist Sławomir Łosowski, keyboardist Wojtek Olszak and bass virtuoso Wojtek Pilichowski. Since Steve Porcaro from Toto has only positive things to say about the record, all that is left to do for BeatIt viewers is to get acquainted with the promo medley of all the songs featured on there and purchase it when it is released.

Here is Tomasz Łosowski and his new album “Fusionland” in a nutshell. Enjoy!