> > > Phil Collins does not rule out a Genesis reunion

Phil Collins has announced he would finish his solo career several times so far. A few years ago he also said Genesis would never play again. Recently, the artist’s attitude has changed. We already know Phil will return to the road for a string of dates in England, France, and Germany next summer. He will be joined on stage by his son Nicholas on drums.

The future of Genesis is not so gloomy either. Here is what Phil Collins has to say about that now: “Doing the book (autobiography titled ‘Not Dead Yet’), I was reminded just what good friends we are (…). What I will say is that I consider what we had was pretty special. That the three of us would come in with nothing – there wasn’t just one or two writers – we’d all three come in with nothing and we’d start playing until something happened. We’d record it and come back to it a few weeks later and from there songs would develop. That is pretty special, to have a relationship with guys that can do that. So I wouldn’t rule it (a reunion) out.”

Judging by these words, the band may reunite as a three-piece again, not in the legendary incarnation with Peter Gabriel as frontman…


(From left to right: Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins, Tony Banks)