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Paiste Sound Development is undergoing an important changes

Paiste cymbals is nothing but great quality. Cymbals made by this manufacturer are known all over the world, some of the top artists are using them, and the have been on many famous records. This success is for sure an effect of craftsmans’ work. But there is something more behind it- there is a special department called Paiste Sound Development. It’s a group of highly skilled drummers and luthiers, who are controlling the quality of Paiste cymbals, creating new series and taking all the advice and ideas from the artists and Paiste endorsers.

Paiste Sound Development

Its formation dates back to the 1960s as Robert Paiste began to formalize the process of cymbal development together with Pierre Favre, the doyen of Swiss drumming. In the 1970s Fredy Studer, another Swiss drummer to achieve international prominence, succeeded Pierre Favre, and joined Robert Paiste in a collaboration that would last for almost four decades, and which produced an abundance of innovations and new sounds, highlighted by such major developments as the Sound Creation, Signature, Traditionals and Dark Energy series. To ensure the continuous membership of active drummers, a paramount element of Sound Development’s philosophy, in 1999 Kaspar Rast joined Sound Development. Coming from a family of luthiers, he is a trained violin maker, apart from being educated as a drummer at JMS in Zürich. Arno Troxler is the latest drummer to join in 2015. Arno’s credentials include a degree at Lucerne University and the directorship of the Willisau Jazz Festival, and when he’s not active in various other projects around Switzerland, he collects, restores and resells vintage drums at the Vintage Drum Station in Willisau.

In 2016, Fredy Studer’s active membership in Sound Development ended. He will continue his association with Paiste as an endorser of international status and as an advisor and mentor to the current Sound Development team.

From 2017, the Sound Development creative team will consist of the aforementioned drummers Kaspar Rast and Arno Troxler, along with Erik Paiste, the current CEO of the Paiste companies, and Stefan Odermatt, a drummer who originally joined Paiste as a production craftsman. Stefan implements the Sound Development / Production interface since more than a decade, executing the specifications for Prototypes together with senior craftsmen. His primary function today is Supervisor of Production Quality.

We want to wish the whole reformed team huge amounts of ideas. Let their heads be filled with creativity!