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Veronika Lukesova is now in Meinl Family!

We all can agree, that Meinl is a company, which aprreciates artists with charm and charisma. A drummer with all these features is without a doubt Veronika Lukesova! She is a highly tallented Czech drummerette, and she takes no prisoners when she does her job! It’s easy to see- she has performed with such artists as Alice CooperIan Gillan and Steve Lukather! She also took part in the “Rock Meet Classic Tour”, and now she also works with a melodic metal duo- Kiske/Somerville. But this is not all about this rebelious woman! She is also a music producer, composer, and plays more instruments, than drums! Isn’t that great? Her weapon of choice in Meinl are cymbals from Meinl Byzance Extra Dry series, and all models from Dual series. Veronika chose these products because of their dark, warm and explosive sound!

veronika lukesova

You will have an opportunity to meet and listen to Veronika during the 2017 Musikmesse in Frankfurt. This music trade fair starts April 5. She will perform during a very special event called Musikmesse 2017 Drum Camp. You will also have a chance to talk with her, ask a few questions and get the right answers! Come to Frankfurt and see, what a rock girl can do with her drumkit. Follow her on her website, and don’t forget to check out Meinl’s social media profiles!