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Cannibal Corpse drummer isn’t bothered by unpleasant fans

During a recent talk with Drumtalk podcast Cannibal Corpse drummer, Paul Mazurkiewicz has admitted, that some of his band’s fans are quite unplesant and are criticising his drumming skills…

Paul Mazurkiewicz

Speaking about fans’ criticism of his drumming ability, Paul said: “I’ve been dealing with that my whole career. It’s one of those things you’ve just gotta… You can’t let critics bother you. There’s always gonna be people that are gonna be talking negative about you and what have you. And, yeah, I see what people may talk: ‘Oh, yeah, Paul. If they had this drummer, how would they sound?’ And I just let that all slide off my back, because here I am in the band twenty-eight years. We’re doing something, obviously, that people enjoy. We’re arguably the biggest death metal band in the world. And my drumming isn’t about me; it’s about the band. And if it’s fitting what we do, that’s all that matters. But, yeah, sure, it’s always gonna be tough hearing negative stuff. You know, nobody likes that. We’re human; people are human. But to move on, you have to forget the past. You can’t let this stuff bother you. Otherwise, what’s the point? Life’s too short.”. You can watch the whole interview below:

We don’t want you to judge Paul only by his words. You can watch him perform in the video below:

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