> > Gregg Bisonette presents Sabian Artisan Elite cymbals

Great cymbals deserve great presentation!

Sabian company is currently one of the biggest players on the cymbal making area. They are constantly developing and taking care of the highest quality of their products. We have visited their booth during London Drum Show 2016, and we were simply shocked by their approach. They have some great new stuff for this year, and one of the eye candy is the brand new Artisan Elite series.


They seemed to be great from the first look, and after hearing a short sound demonstration we were pretty sure, that these are going to be on top! Artisan Elite cymbals are made of the B20 Bronze, and crafted by using the old, forgotten methods mixed with some new technology. They are really amazing! When it comes to presentation, Sabian always wanted to do it big. This time they invited the one and only Gregg Bisonette to let these beauties sing. Just watch the clips below:

Gregg used 14″ and 16″ Artisan Elite hats, 20″ Artisan Elite Crash and 22″ Artisan Elite Ride. We are stoked, and we can’t wait to see your reaction. Please comment!