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Drummer Robert Yancy has died. His body was found in his San Fernando Valley apartment. He was the son of minister, songwriter and music producer Marvina Yancy and singer Natalie Cole (two songs written by Marvin Yancy and sung by his wife won Grammy awards). Robert Yancy’s grandfather was the legendary Nat King Cole.

Robert Yancy‘s body was reportedly discovered when a friend who hadn’t heard from him in a few days checked up on him, which means he had probably passed away a few days prior to that.

Natalie Cole’s former backup singer Anita Anderson shared the sad news on Twitter Tuesday morning: ‘We have lost another great young soul too soon! Robert Adam Yancy, Natalie Cole’s only surviving son and accomplished drummer has died!! Rest in peace as you journey home with Mom and Dad! And know you’re always in our hearts son! Love you and miss you already!!!’

Anita Anderson on Robert Yancy

Robert Yancy followed in the footsteps of his parents and his grandfather Nat King Cole to become a musician. He was a drummer for his mother’s concert performances, played percussion on Cole’s 1993 album Take a Look, and saxophone on SWV‘s 1997 album A Special Christmas.

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Local authorities contacted the family and informed them that the preliminary cause of death appears to have been a heart attack. Both his parents had also died due to heart diseases. San Fernando Valley police have stated that they are awaiting Yancy’s autopsy and toxicology report before they make an official ruling. Currently, Yancy’s death is listed as the result of natural causes.

Robert Yancy was 39.