> > > Dave Lombardo: I Feel For Young Drummers Who Rely Too Much On Technology

Legendary drummer brings out the sad truth

Dave Lombardo, ex-Slayer drummer, who currently plays in Suicidal Tendencies and Dead Cross has made a clear statement on young skinsmen relying too much on technology, sound correction and making the mistakes gone from the track. He gave his opinion about them in the recent radio interview with Sixx String Radio Show.

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During the interview he said: “I think what you can do better is to not utilize all these advantages that you have with computers. I mean, if you have Beat Detective [the beat-slicing tool that is part of Pro Tools] and [you wanna] help the drummer, don’t use it. Send the drummer to the rehearsal room, work on the shit, work on it with a metronome, then remove the metronome, then put him in the studio and play normal, like a human. Instead of these drummers coming in and recording maybe a few bars. ‘Well, can’t you fix that? C’mon, you are the engineer. You can fix it.’ It’s, like, ‘No. You fix it.’ I would get frustrated. If I was an engineer and a drummer came to me with all these mistakes. ‘Oh, can you fix this? Can you move this around? Take this part and change it.’ It’s, like, ‘Really?'”
He also added: “I feel sorry for the musicians that are on this trip of recording something and overproducing and creating something out of nothing. And then they try to go on stage and try to perform it, and they can’t. Today, let’s say in speed metal, thrash metal, whatever, a lot of the drummers are using triggers. So we’re listening to that. And drummers that are growing up [now], they don’t know that what they’re hearing are triggers. So when they get their drum set and they’re setting it up, it doesn’t sound right [to them]. It’s, like, ‘No, it sounds right.’ So that’s what I feel has happened. The listeners’ perception of the music is different from what it actually is, and I think it confuses them, it confuses the listener.”

Do you agree with mr. Lombardo? Do technology in drumming matters so much?