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Corky Laing – Interview for BeatIt, Pt. 2

Some time ago, we took a trip to former East Berlin, where, right on the river Spree, lies the building complex of the former East German Radio and Television.

It was there that we caught up with Corky Laing, who was co-producing a session for the Polish band Elevator. The Canadian musician made a name for himself in the late 60’s and early 70’s as the drummer for the multi-platinum selling hard rock outfit Mountain, whose best known song is the classic “Mississppi Queen“. He has also collaborated with such renowned artists as: John Lennon, Jack Bruce, John Cale or Meat Loaf.


In the second part of our talk, we talk about our guest’s greatest drummer inspirations, how he became friends with Keith Moon, as well as working with Felix Pappalardi in Mountain and Jack Bruce in West Bruce and Laing.

Here is Corky Laing, exclusively for BeatIt. Enjoy!