> > > Charlie Benante: Apple ‘Had A Big Hand In Destroying Music’

Charlie Benante, drummer for thrash metal act Anthrax, has recently spoken about his views on the status of the music industry. He told The Metal Command show that it’s not so good, and he knows who is to blame for that. It’s the tech giant Apple who kills the music and makes it hard for young artists to become recognizable.

In the interview ha stated:

“You really have to put a lot of blame on the tech industry” for its role in devaluing music by giving free users the ability to play any album or artist catalog on shuffle. As much as everybody loves Apple, I also think Apple had a big hand in destroying music, and nobody really says that; everybody’s still on the side of Apple, but I believe Apple was one of the big hands in this that helped destroy music. The record companies had a big hand in it, because they got greedy. The artists got greedy when they felt, ‘Oh, I can get a three-album deal for 75 million dollars,’ but at the end of the day, if they’re taking all that money, what happens to the lesser-known bands who are striving to become something? Where does that money come from? I mean, it was just such a mess, and it really dug a hole for itself. And now who is paying for it? Everybody.”

Do you agree with Charlie?