> > > 3 New XSR Cymbals By Sabian

Check out the latest addition to the XSR Series!

Sabian presented the XSR series last year. It was the replacement for xs20 series and it has some brand new features. First of all, all of the cymbals are hammered, and their sound is much better than ever. Second, bells have been reshaped and redesigned to accelerate the overall sound of the cymbal. Cymbal makers have taken some of the production processess from the highest series, such as Evolution or X-Plosion. The result? Sound and performance well beyond what you would expect from a budget series. In fact, you can put XSR on any kit, on any stage, and not sound out of place. Another great feature is the price- you can really afford these great cymbals, and you won’t regret it.

Sabian XSR fast crash 17

key models to an already impressive XSR line-up. New 17″ & 19″ XSR Fast Crashes are hammered and feature enhanced profiles. Their bells are designed to accelerate the overall sound for quick, explosive responses with penetrating definition and power. A new 22″ Ride adds that “in-demand” big ride to the line, offering a tasty balance of stick definition and tonal wash, and a mid-size bell that’s ideal for playing solid grooves. If you want to hear them just visit the website below. Check out if they fit your ear!