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BeatIt visits Own Fidelity, pt. 1

As part of an experimental programme to get management’s bottoms off their fancy, leather chairs (at least for some time), the Chairman and Deputy Chairman had to move their collective behind to the Polish city of Szczecin, where they met with Jakub Ziółek – the owner and Chief Acoustics Engineer of the Own Fidelity company. As some of our viewers already know, it is a business, which deals with designing and manufacturing custom in-ear monitor systems, which, for obvious reasons, lie within the field of drummers’ interest, and, as such, in BeatIt’s field of interest as well.

In the first part of the interview, Jakub tells us what originated the idea for this type of business activity, what the basic premises for sound reproduction in the case of Own Fidelity monitors there are, where components for the company’s products come from, and also what balanced armature drivers are and why we need them. Here is Jakub Ziółek and his passion…

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